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Kneading Dough



Omari McQueen, born in 2008 in London, is a culinary sensation who has taken the world by storm with his passion for food and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. At the young age of 7, Omari embraced a vegetarian lifestyle, setting the stage for a remarkable culinary journey that would inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

At just 8 years old, Omari founded "Dipalicious" on YouTube, fearlessly experimenting with plant-based ingredients to create mouthwatering vegan recipes. The response was extraordinary, and the adoration from his growing fanbase spurred him to transform his culinary hobby into a full-fledged business. Thus, "Dipalicious" was born, offering a delectable range of vegan dips and sauces that delighted taste buds and nourished souls.

Omari's culinary brilliance and dedication to ethical eating soon earned him widespread recognition and accolades. His two cookbooks not only showcased his culinary prowess but also served as an inspiration for aspiring chefs of all ages, encouraging them to explore the vibrant world of plant-based cuisine.

Becoming the youngest award-winning vegan celebrity TV chef, Omari graced the screens of CBBC with not one, but two captivating shows: "What's Cooking Omari" and "Meet the McQueens." His infectious enthusiasm and warm-hearted demeanor made cooking accessible and exciting for viewers of all backgrounds, solidifying his place as a cherished role model for children and adults alike.

Beyond his culinary achievements, Omari McQueen's compassionate spirit led him to collaborate with "Made by Dyslexia," an organization dedicated to empowering dyslexic individuals. Omari's own journey with dyslexia transformed him into a powerful advocate for embracing unique strengths and celebrating diversity.

However, perhaps one of Omari's most significant contributions is his "Eat Healthy for Kids" campaign, a powerful call-to-action to prioritize nutritious and wholesome food choices for young minds and bodies. Through various initiatives, he ignited a movement inspiring children around the globe to embrace a healthier lifestyle and cultivate a profound connection with the food they eat.

Omari McQueen's journey is a testament to the extraordinary heights that passion, resilience, and compassion can take a young individual. From a budding chef with a YouTube channel to an award-winning TV personality and influential advocate, Omari continues to inspire generations to pursue their dreams with tenacity and kindness. As he demonstrates, it is never too early to make a difference in the world and ignite change through the power of delicious food and unwavering determination. His story resonates deeply with all who encounter it, reminding us that age is no barrier to greatness and that we each possess the potential to create a better, more compassionate world - one meal at a time.

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